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Recent Testimonials


“Philip & Andrew have been supporting us in finding a publisher for our current project & preparing for the future beyond that. We are in our infancy as a company and their guidance at this stage has been vital. Their knowledge of the industry, the people and all the intricacies is incredible. Whenever we need to talk, they are available and more than willing to afford us their time. We are excited to be working with Game Dragons and would 100% recommend them to others.”

Rory Busby - Game Design Director : Madowl Games

“We've been working with Game Dragons to help us explore our next steps as a company. What has become clear in working with Philip and Andrew is that their depth of energy and breadth of experience is pretty much unmatched in the industry. They've achieved so much, have had so many experiences, worked with so many people and created so many games over the years that any question or issue we pose they've got some great practical knowledge to bring to bear on the issue. I heartily recommend Game Dragons!”

Dr. Tomas Rawlings,  CEO, Auroch Digital


“When I first reached out to the Dragons, Philip and Andrew, I did so because we were in over our heads in a number of areas. I’m not new to the business either, but we’d taken on a big project that was proving to be far more arduous than planned. Over a two year development period we’d burned through our funding and found ourselves in a somewhat vulnerable position. The fact that the Oliver Twins have been in this game since the early days, and of course that they were very successful too, obviously played a big part in their appeal but I didn’t really know what to expect. It turns out they’re not Dragons at all! Their knowledge, due to their extensive experience, is so tangible, and they are happy to share it with you. Within a couple of meetings we felt comfortable making a few decisions I’d been reluctant about and perhaps most importantly, we had been able to secure additional funds that I had no idea were available.

Game Dragons’ impact on FUZE Technologies Ltd is in no doubt. I’m very happy to have employed their services. "

Jon Silvera, CEO FUZE Technologies Ltd


“I started to despise most consultants - finally after decades as a CEO, I’ve realised that the only consultants worth having are those that have themselves dealt with exactly the challenge I face.  In the games industry, the twin dragons certainly come with those credentials.  In my experience, they go further, because of their ability to grasp both the macro situation and anticipate the micro needs.  The dilemma I faced recently was existential….and they quickly helped develop a real solution and, because they seem to know everybody worth knowing, helped find the skills needed to solve the crisis."  

Wynford Dore - CEO, Zing Performance Ltd


Working with the Game Dragons has been really useful to help us secure additional work for the company outside of our current schedule.  Philip and Andrew have a lot of useful contacts and invaluable knowledge to help others with and therefore were able to help us out very promptly.

We intend to use the Game Dragons as and when is necessary to help establish the business and grow further.


Neil Campbell - Founder, Viewpoint Games


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